Martial arts and leadership

An innovative training event for management teams which defines company management through the basic principles of the martial arts (particularly Judo and Ju-jitsu, and improves their attitude and behaviour in overcoming the typical resistance in the face of innovations and inter-function and inter-personal problems which characterise daily life in business.

The martial arts are particularly well suited for forming new dynamics in individual management style. The essence in the practice of the martial arts consists of the power of the forward-looking plan, of successfully mastering rapid changes in the situation, concentrated on the objectives, and the development of all spiritual, physical and emotional capabilities, whereby it comes down to the carrying out the right action in the given moment. These capabilities can also be applied with success in the business world and everywhere where they can be skilfully applied, by motivating and guiding people to business and personal success.
Top management must be in a position to take risky decisions. In this respect, all organisations are dependent on meeting business problems with a correspondingly broad vision. In the martial arts, every second is a moment of high risk, and the parallels with the management level of an organisation characterise an Experience, in which it clearly emerges whether the participant can manage innovatively, so that new business and personal successes can be created!
Paul Gauguin
Ea haere ia oe?, 1893
Öl auf Leinwand,
91x72cm Eremitage,
St. Petersburg