Change Management: Tactical judo and communication

Tactical Judo is a form of strategic communication which is suited for participants who work with people who are under extreme stress and can become uncontrollable. In such situations, the main objective is control, and resolution of the moment in their personal favour, whereby the self-defence function comes into play, through appropriate behaviour and through supportive communication.
Tactical Judo is the same principle as real Judo: using the energy of the other in every situation. It includes a bonding with communication principles which help the participant to bring about a consensual change of behaviour in the other individual. It is not a question here of ending the inappropriate behaviour of the other individual, but rather of mastering a communicative situation which makes it possible to leave the existing relationship untroubled.
Tactical Judo teaches a new way of dealing with conflict by applying specific strategies for the solution of crisis situations, taking account of rational and emotional aspects. In this, difficult people are brought to apply strategies for conflict resolution.

Paul Gauguin
Ea haere ia oe?, 1893
Öl auf Leinwand,
91x72cm Eremitage,
St. Petersburg