The exchange relationship

Every organisation communicates with a demonstrative and complex publicity panorama (stake-holder), which presupposes the corresponding engagement of a specific communication.
Not only does the message have to be oriented with regard to the particular nature of the individual receiver, but the appeal must also change in accordance with the objective. If the announcement of an operational change can be good news for the shareholders and for the customers, then it must be explained to the working team and to the customers that this situation is directed to increasing the market share and to the improvement of their working conditions. In brief, business communication must take account of the diverse expectations of the numerous recipients for whom these messages are intended.
This is one of our specialities!
Hans Baldung Grien
Wetterhexen 1523
Olio su legno,
65 x 46 cm
Francoforte/Main Stadelches Kunstinstitut