We are convinced

  • that the success of any strategic decision is determined by the quality and by the efficiency of its practical implementation, because it is above all the way in the solution is found, and not the solution itself, which distinguishes an organisation and enables it to assert and to renew itself.
  • that the training events are a sure instrument of management, on the condition that the instruction which is conveyed by the creators of the Experience is effective, practical and creative, in order that it can be understood, experienced and applied by the participants for the purpose of making their personal and business goals a reality;
  • that only personal and professional adaptation, and an attitude which represents a close connection between rational and emotional intelligence, can bring about the success of an organisation, because "true" competitive advantage concerns "immaterial" assets, whereby the total value of the human work-force and the reputation of the organisation are here to be given straight away pride of place;
  • that the assets of an organisation consist first and foremost of the people who are committed, who share a business vision, who are motivated to create competitive advantage, and who always apply themselves!;
  • that the value of a product or a service is not exclusively a function of its quality, but is dependent as such on this quality in its different aspects, transferred to the various recipients and perceived by them.
Hans Baldung Grien
Wetterhexen 1523
Olio su legno,
65 x 46 cm
Francoforte/Main Stadelches Kunstinstitut