Experience and transforming

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Our events are not called workshops, training, courses, ... because these involve a static definition of a method of communicating training which belongs to the past and is not very productive, or changes little.

In the world of business training, particularly in connection with communication, change of management, and sales, all subjects covered are linked with each other. They form an unbreakable chain, which characterises the didactic method of a training event. A method which we have named "Experience"!

We have chosen the following divisions as our business model:
and we have adapted the model to our way of life, and infuse life into the training for and with our clients by deliberately using the services as a stage and the assets/tools/skills as support for the Experience of the individual and the person in this transformation.

We are, in fact, of the opinion that everything that was previously offered as business training has too often been a service for the participants in the form of assets or a commodity which is represented by tools. The results we have achieved with our customers and the continual positive feedback have convinced us that the path to transforming the contents of training procedures in the business world must be the path we call Experience. This is the way to achieve objectives and realise productivity.
In the business everyday, every communicative moment is rich in leadership strategies, in the conduct of discussions, in "selling" the advantages of an idea/opinion, in affirmative communication, in oral communication, in non-verbal communication and in other factors, which influence the attainment of business objectives. For this, the 360° Experience method is the only real way towards productivity in business training.

We therefore consider it necessary in treating this subject matter to conduct a training event of high quality, ... a communicative Experience, which has as its goal the flexibility of rapid changes of behaviour, and that through new communication strategies and leadership - in a word, Transforming.

Here, the areas of responsibility are listed which characterise the Experience - Transforming offering, and which we would like to discuss with you in detail:
George Condo
"Yellow and black composition"
Oil on canvas
41,5 x 33 cm